Majority Owned

Majority Owned

Majority Owned

Since 2015, we have started, acquired, and scaled over 10 different companies. While we also make minority acquisitions and venture investments, our primary focus is on launching and scaling one-of-a-kind businesses.

Primal Capital ®

Primal Capital creates and manages smart, opinionated public equity funds. Our funds all feature a low, fixed cost, and serve as an easy way to build your own portfolio by combining different strategies. More →

Ligature: The Design VC ®

We invest in founders building the platforms and products of tomorrow. At Ligature, we bring over 50 years of operational experience leading and building design teams at category-defining companies like Apple, Airbnb, Strava, and Block. We help companies build design into their DNA from Day One. More →

Outlier Academy ®

Learn from the world’s best innovators, founders, investors, and thinkers throughout history. Enjoy book summaries of bestselling books as well as interviews with iconic founders and investors to learn their tricks of the trade. Master the best of what these icons have figured out with Outlier Academy. More →

Wildside ™

Wildside funds nature education, conservation, and rewilding efforts around the world. We do this through an innovative combination of grants, loans, and investments. We’re funded by a 5% annual gift from Arcade Group as well as the growth of our perpetual endowment. More →

Blackletter ®

Every once in a while, new companies are built that change everything. We exist to fund these companies at the earliest stages—when the idea is far from consensus. We are risk-on capital for building what’s next. Our approach is flexible, long-term, multi-stage, and global. More →