In 2015, Daniel Scrivner founded Arcade Group to fund next-generation companies with patient, risk-on capital — investing years before novel ideas become consensus. Over the last decade we've made substantial progress toward our mission while broadening our focus to span both public and private markets.



Arcade Group was founded with the mission of funding next-generation companies and embodying patient, risk-on capital over a decades long time horizon.


We founded Blackletter and began making our first venture capital investments. Among them were early investments in Notion and Empower. Followed soon after by our first general partnership minority acquisition of Polychain.


We founded Wildside with a $100,000 gift and a commitment to give 5% of our annual profits to the foundation each year. Its sole focus is protecting and preserving the natural world, especially through conservation, rewilding, sustainable farming, and nature education.


We founded Ligature, a design-centric angel fund, to invest in early-stage platform companies. Ligature is backed by more than 500+ operator angels and has a portfolio that includes Public, Hyphen, Vital Bio, AtoB, and Opal.


We founded Primal Funds to expand our investment practice into global public equities after several years of R&D. Primal Funds are optimized for preserving, compounding, and generating yield using a low cost, tax-efficient approach.


As we look ahead, we're thrilled to celebrate the first 10 years of Arcade Group by sharing our first Annual Letter in 2025.



Portfolio Companies
Over the last decade, we've invested in over 150 early-stage companies. Historically 90% of our investments have been at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages.


Historical IRR
To date, we've generated a blended internal rate of return of 24.4% across public and private markets. That amounts to doubling the value of our investments every 3 years.


Substantial Exists
Our exists include Palantir, Planet Labs, Guardant Health, Robinhood, and Desktop Metal. As well as public market acquisitions including Coinbase's purchase of Bison Trails and Hut 8's purchase of U.S. Bitcoin.


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